Ceramic Hand Oil Burner & Melts

High quality Ceramic oil burner in the shape of a hand holding the well where the wax melts are placed. Our oil burner is available in white or black


Perfect partner to our all natural soy wax scented melts. Available in our store in a variety of punchy fragrances


Comes with a pack of our Soy wax melts to get you started.


(Soy Wax melts will be randomly selected unless stated in the add a note box a preference of scent)

Ceramic Hand Oil Burner & Melts

SKU: 1011
  • Place on a flat stable surface and never leave unattended.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets and do not overfill the well.


    Place one cube of wax melts in the well and 1 tea light at the base to gently melt the wax.

    The wax will melt within 5 minutes and give out a burst of fragrance almost straight away

    Our soy wax melts are perfectly designed to accompany this oil burner