Soy Wax Melt Valencia Orange

6 cubes of natural soy wax fragranced with our luxury scents as used in all of our candles. Our melts are highly fragranced and will give you that burst of fragrance when you need it quickly


Valencia Orange No.7 - Zesty, vibrant and alive. A true orange scent to brighten any room on any day. Your mouth will water with this true to life zesty orange


To be used in a wax melter or oil burner. Over 50 hours of fragrance from our all natural soy wax melts.


Soy Wax Melt Valencia Orange

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  • Remove from the packaging and place 1 cube in the well of your wax melter or oil burner.

    Use with an unscented tea light.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets, and out of drafts. Do not move while lit and do not leave any naked flames unattended.