Wax Melter & Soy Melt Set

Our Hand Ceramic Melter & Soy Wax Melts Set is a fantastic set for any fragrance lover.


This stunning collection includes a ceramic hand wax melter in black or white and 3 packets of our soy wax melts in your choice of fragrances. 


Simply set up your wax melter in a cosy place, grab a tea light and select which fragrance you fancy. Place 1 cube of your chosen soy melts into the well of the melter, sit back, relax and enjoy the natural scents from The Castle Candle Company. 


Each packet of soy wax melts will last for at least 40 hours as we use 10% fragrance load in all of our products.


After a few uses and when you cannot smell the fragrance anymore, place another cube of wax into your melter and repeat as necessary.


You can also mix and match fragrances to suit your mood by adding 2 fragrances into your melter at the same time. Become your own fragrance master.


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Wax Melter & Soy Melt Set

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  • Place on a flat stable surface and never leave unattended.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets and do not overfill the well.


    Place one cube of wax melts in the well and 1 tea light at the base to gently melt the wax.

    The wax will melt within 5 minutes and give out a burst of fragrance almost straight away

    Our soy wax melts are perfectly designed to accompany this oil burner